Kylie’s Rants – Being Bitter

Kylie’s Rants – Just Doing Whatever I Want

Just Someone With Opinions

My Husband and I
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Mom, Wife, Sarcastic, Poor – The Total Package


Web Design – Can’t Do That

I might not be able to do web design, but I can definitely give you my opinion on things that you probably don’t care about. And I will always give you an honest answer if you ever ask me a question. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask me, I will just tell you.

In my real job, I am a landlord and real estate agent so you know I put up with a lot of BS. I’ve always wanted to be a writer so I said, “Hey, why not now?”

This is a picture of my engagement ring on some bullets. My husband and I wanted to portray class and redneckism at the same time. I think we were successful.

My whole family and I are all avid animal lover’s except for my husband who is an avid hunter. But we still have to eat. This is my daughter, Reagan, and my bird, Pickles.

My oldest son who missed out on his senior year of baseball season his senior year. Thanks, Corona!

My oldest son, Camden
My oldest daughter, Karson, is about to graduate as an RN and currently works with Alzheimer’s patients.
My youngest son, Nolan, who is a lot like me in that he loves animals and is very sarcastic and sometimes hard to get along with.
Rocket Man – The Bird That Stole My Heart