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  • The Startling Death Of My Son’s Best Friend
    Hold your loved ones tight. We never know when a moment will be the last.
  • One Year Later, My Husband Is Still The Best
    Today is my one year wedding anniversary. I don’t love him the same, I love him more. He has been my rock through countless crap that 2020 and 2021, so far, has thrown at us. I can only hope to repay him one day. I can definitely say that God saved the best for last, in my case. […]
  • Finding Peace In Art
    As I am going through some health/mental issues, I have been surprised with how much art has helped me. I have never been very good at it, but it can be learned just as any other skill. for the time being, I am just using art to cope with all the changes in my life. I have every […]
  • What The F**k Is Happening?
    What happened during these peoples formative years to make them turn out like this? At what point did they decide a foot was a sexualized object? Beyond that, do they fantasize about marrying a foot? Do they want to date the foot? Or is it just another thing to assault with a penis?
  • 5 Ways I Have Gained Control Of My Spending Habits
    The poverty mindset, to me, means you live with a fight or flight mentality with money. You live each day as it comes with no preparations for the future.
  • 5 Simple Ways To Gain Massive Street Cred
    Gangster is subjective. We are women. We are moms. We will f**k up anyone from any street.
  • A List Of My Lists For The List Addict
    I hope you found some use out of my list. My lists have served me well and are the main reason that I am the mediocre success that I am today. If I spent half as much energy accomplishing goals in lieu of listing them, I could probably be a lot more successful.
  • 4 Fun Ways To Embarrass Your Children
    We are going to pay for therapy anyway.
  • Sarcasm Is My Love Language
    Love is not what you say. Love is what you do. Is gentle scorn or sarcasm really worse than public displays of affection? I don’t think so. Apparently, I am in the minority with this view. I would much rather roast someone than hug them. Sarcasm is how I show my love. In other words, it is my […]
  • Mistakes In The Morning Can Affect The Entire Day
    Failure is what I’m good at when it comes to mornings. It’s not just waking up that does me in. It’s dressing. It’s eating breakfast. It’s functioning in general. The main issue is just staying awake.
  • Examples Of Aggressive And Passive Aggressive Behaviors
    Many people, specifically my children, do not know the difference between being aggressive and being passive aggression. So, I am here to educate the masses, but primarily them.
  • Tourette’s Syndrome Is Different From Having No Filter
    The next time you do or say something mortifying, just remember me. This is the kind of social ineptitude that I am known for in my circle. But at least I can make you feel better about yourself.
  • What In The World Is An Empath?
    As I grew older, I noticed my ability to read the vibes and intentions of others got better and better. Suddenly, I felt the bad vibes of the people I had been friends with for years.
  • 6 Simple Ways To Boost The Immune System
    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 22. What started out as just weight, bowel, and digestive issues have now progressed to include joint pain and little to no immune system. I catch every bug my six kids bring around me. I worry constantly that the next virus will be my last one. But, I […]
  • Ways To Find A Person Worthy Of Your Love
    Be kind to others, work on improving yourself and be open to trying new experiences. You just may find the love you have given up on.
  • 3 Strange Opinions I Hide That Are Guaranteed To Offend
    How are these opinions not obviously correct? Opinions are like anuses; everybody has one. But my husband has banned me from bringing them up online or at parties. I really have no choice other than to bring these strange opinions up now, and then it will be out of my system. Please note that these are my opinions […]
  • Paying Off Debt Quickly Using The Snowball Method
    Using this method, paying off debt can be done a little at a time for faster results and skyrocketing credit scores

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