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  • My Father’s Legacy
    It has been twelve years since my father’s death and I miss his sense of humor more than anything. No matter how traumatic it may have been at the time.
  • Amazing Home Remedies That Actually Work
    As someone with no health insurance, I have become a self-titled expert on home remedies and unusual cures. Some I have found through research, some from recommendations, but most have been handed down in my family throughout the generations. Thousands of remedies have withstood the test of time by being passed down through the generations of families. Even now, many people distrust the medical profession and think they run it like a business. […]
  • I Lie Like A Rug
    Any given week, I will lie forty nine or more times. Don’t shake your head in disgust, these are the same lies I hear told to me on a daily basis. An example of my lies include white lies, lies to avoid hurting feelings, lies about how I come up with the random statistics that I do, and lies to build myself and others up. Anybody who says that they don’t do the same is probably […]
  • Gone In An Instant: The Images Of My Life
    Despite these tragedies, I do not plan to stop capturing the images of my life or my memories.
  • Defeated By A Cougar
    I may not have won the war against the creeps on messenger, but I won this battle.
  • Maintaining Composure During Heated Situations
    How to stay calm at work during heated situations
  • The Religious Need To Stop Talking And Start Doing
    I wish more religious people would take their words and put them into action.
  • Seduced By Messenger
    No one likes that, Randycut it out and go clean your bathroom mirror.

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