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  • What In The World Is An Empath?
    As I grew older, I noticed my ability to read the vibes and intentions of others got better and better. Suddenly, I felt the bad vibes of the people I had been friends with for years.
  • 6 Simple Ways To Boost The Immune System
    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 22. What started out as just weight, bowel, and digestive issues have now progressed to include joint pain and little to no immune system. I catch every bug my six kids bring around me. I worry constantly that the next virus will be my last one. But, I […]
  • Ways To Find A Person Worthy Of Your Love
    Be kind to others, work on improving yourself and be open to trying new experiences. You just may find the love you have given up on.
  • 3 Strange Opinions I Hide That Are Guaranteed To Offend
    How are these opinions not obviously correct? Opinions are like anuses; everybody has one. But my husband has banned me from bringing them up online or at parties. I really have no choice other than to bring these strange opinions up now, and then it will be out of my system. Please note that these are my opinions […]
  • Paying Off Debt Quickly Using The Snowball Method
    Using this method, paying off debt can be done a little at a time for faster results and skyrocketing credit scores
  • Diary Of An Idiot
    I ran myself over with my car. I had never felt more like an idiot in my life. I am lucky to be alive, actually. What a dumb way to die.
  • A Tragic Breast Story
    The story of when my Aunt’s nipple fell off My family has extremely bad luck, but most of us have two nipples I never thought I’d write about my Aunt’s nipple. At least, I’m not writing about my Uncle’s testicles. Yet. This story has been passed around more than my high school best friend since this incident happened. People […]
  • My Siblings Are Amazing People, Despite Being Weird
    Some people would call me an accident. And by some people, I mean my mother.
  • 5 Animals I Would’ve Loved If I Had Met Them
    Humans are destructive jackasses. There is there’s not another way to put it. We evolved and then totally destroyed everything we have ever been given. We took the beautiful and turned it into the extinct. We destroy everything we touch.
  • What Is Anal Bleaching?
    I don’t care if my butthole color offends anyone.
  • 5 Life Changing Experiences All Teenagers Should Have
    Time is limited when it comes to making sure your teen doesn’t turn into a douchebag. We must act now to stop more entitled teenage brats or even worse, grown up douchebags, from being unleashed upon the world! The quota has been fulfilled. There are a multitude of ways to accomplish this, but the following is a list […]
  • 2020: Finding The Good In A Year Of Quarantine
    2020 will go down in history as one of the worst years of all time, or at least my lifetime.
  • Which Type Of Marriage Is Right?
    Will you marry? Will you marry for love? Will you marry the same sex? Once you make those decisions then you will have to decide on what type of marriage you want.
  • Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays
    Merry Christmas from the Moomey family, otherwise known as Kylie and her husband. -Kylie
  • Amazing Writing Tips
    Original tips to help you write by thinking outside of the box!
  • How To Make Money While Making Money
    If your money is not working for you, then you are losing out on wealth.
  • Ridiculous Advice or Profound Insights?
     I got my love for shocking people from my mother. No filter, no care for political correctness, and no f*&ks given were also handed down to me, via the maternal side. We also have the same straight face that makes messing with others extremely fun as no one can tell if we are kidding or not. As a […]

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