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Do You Want To Stop Someone’s Whining On Facebook?

Stop Facebook Whining
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Her posts were filled with self-pity, memes reflecting the character of strong women, pleas to the ones that got away, and cringe worthy desperation. — Kylie

I speak for the nation when I say, “Please stop your incessant whining on Facebook. We also don’t want to see a picture of your tears, your empty bed, or your cleavage.”

I can’t unfriend her or look away, try as I might. Might someone be more cringeworthy than me? Suddenly my obviously finding myself hysterical didn’t seem so bad to this odd mix of self-pity, love of her own eyes, and selfies. Her beautiful children would be featured every now and then, but normally were overshadowed by her fixation on finding her true love.

I have never wanted to bitch slap somebody more in my entire life. Then I realized, how was I doing anything but hurting her by continuing to watch this without saying something? I was being a mean girl, and that is not who I am.

So, I called her. I told her how she was coming across and she genuinely seem to not realize that. She admitted to wondering why she lost so many friends online recently. It made an immediate difference in her online persona.

So, instead of talking about her behind her back consistently, I went to her directly with the issue. Now, she’s in a better place and, unfortunately, I’m out of dramatics to watch unfold on Facebook. My husband is being a shit right now so maybe people are watching me and my passive aggressive posts and talking shit.

I just hope that is not my entire fifteen minutes of fame.I’m sure I will humiliate myself for another 15 minutes of fame somewhere along this road of life I travel.

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Harassment by Messenger

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Ever since I opened my Facebook page to the public (to advance my Real Estate and writing career),I have been harassed nonstop by men and one woman. And somebody calling me Mommy.

I have not responded. I have just blocked them. Some will just slink quietly away. Some will try again a month later and others will repeatedly video call me.

I’m starting to think that maybe my sister wrote my name on a bathroom stall or something. Because it’s clear from my profile but I am married, recently at that. But these Don Juan’s are not so easily deterred.

I’ve posted a public plea and even threatened to out them. But, they seem to have no shame in their game.

I have put together a few of the most recent but I did cut out the identities of these certifiable nut jobs.

Screenshots by Author

This desperate man wrote me a book. I only provided you, the reader, with page one.

Screenshots by Author

This one still confuses me. I’m not sure if this was a toddler, a full-grown man or a woman but it freaked me out to say the least.

Screenshot by Author

My husband actually told me to tell him yes but I know better than to play with fire.

Screenshot by Author

This fellow was certainly determined to try to reach me via video chat. I finally figured out how to block him. It took me a minute.

Screenshot by Author

This is the only one that I got from a woman. I don’t know why she thought I would respond to “Sup?” at 3:55 in the morning but I blocked her as well once she sent me the follow up question marks.

I think more awareness needs to be taught to our young men. For instance, harassment over messenger is never, ever going to get you laid. So, maybe they should try something different. Like going after someone who has expressed any interest whatsoever in them. That’s always a good start.